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Have you already sent your ‘rich point’?

Send us your ‘rich point’ for the jubilee book!

As you know  as part of the 12.5 years jubilee of the Master’s programme Intercultural Communication a jubilee book will be made. The ‘rich points’ that will be delivered by you (alumni, students and professors) will form the core of the 12.5 years MA ICC jubilee book that will be offered to you on Saturday 22 April.

Are you unable to come on Saturday 22 April, but you can come on Friday 21 April? Then you will receive the jubilee book on that day. If you are umable to come at all, the digital version of the jubilee book can be send to you on request.
So even if you are unable to join the festivities, please us send your ‘rich point’ for the jubilee book!

What do you need to do?

Through this google docs form you can upload your story (max. 300-350 words).

The idea is that you will describe one intercultural experience from your own intercultural passport.
You can think of an experience where you noticed that a specific thing you learned during the Master’s helped you to deal with a certain situation. Or you can ask yourself the question: when did I realize that something I learned during the Master’s was useful or valuable to get a job and describe that specific situation.

Language: the text may be submitted in every language that is offered or was offered as a track of this Master’s programme (Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese).

Length: 300 – 350 words

Deadline: We kindly ask you to fill out this form at the latest on Monday 13 March.

Thank you in advance and we are happy that you want to contribute to this book!

If you have any questions, you can send an e-mail to: gyongyver.lukacs@hotmail.com