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Celebrating the richness of ICC


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On Saturday the 22nd of April we cordially invite you to Utrecht to celebrate the jubilee of the Master’s programme Intercultural Communication. In the past 12.5 years 360 students have graduated. Together with alumni, (former) professors, current students and other interested parties we would like to celebrate this milestone. The vital importance of dealing with linguistic and cultural diversity connects us all. This is a good opportunity to give this a moment’s thought and discover how we can learn from each other’s experiences and insights. The programme offers the opportunity to network, but also to attend workshops and lectures.
The following will be at the centre of this day:

Celebrating the richness of Intercultural Communication

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These prices include lunch, social (with drinks and snacks) and the jubilee book. Dinner on Friday and/or Saturday are at own expense. The ticket sale runs until 11 April 2017.

Self-reflection Intercultural Communication

Self-reflection is a core competence of Intercultural Communication