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Alumni Network

The vital importance of dealing with linguistic and cultural diversity connects us all. It is useful to give this a moment’s thought and discover how we can learn from each other’s experiences and insights.

This is not solely one of the aims of the celebration of the jubilee and the conference, but is something we would like to keep doing in the future as well.
From the questionnaire, that a lot of you have filled out, emerged that there is a great need of getting into contact and keeping in contact with alumni of this Master’s programme. That is the reason why we want to set up an Alumni Network for the MA Intercultural Communication.

Do you know a fantastic name for our alumni network?
Let us know by sending an e-mail to Karen Schoutsen (k.e.schoutsen@uu.nl).

Would you like to become actively involved in the alumni committee?
Let us know as well by sending an e-mail to Karen Schoutsen (k.e.schoutsen@uu.nl).